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Phantom City Studio Karaoke FAQ:

Q: What is karaoke?

A: Karaoke is singing with a pre-existing song, where you replace the original lead singer.
Karaoke songs or Cover songs are reproduced to sound like the original song, but
without lead vocals.  Karaoke songs are rarely produced by the original artist or recording
studio. They are usually recreated by independent karaoke manufacturers. Most of these
manufacturers use professional musicians and singers to produce the likeness of the
original song. Karaoke songs may include some vocals. If the original song contains any
background vocals (i.e. chorus, harmonies, back-up singers, etc), then the karaoke
versions will usually contain them as well.  Karaoke songs are similar to cover songs.  
Cover songs use the original instrumental or background music without the vocals.  At
Phantom City Studio you can record cover songs of your favorite artists.  If you hear the
song on any website and it is the instrumental or karaoke version, rest assured that we
can provide that same background for you to add your voice.

Q: Professional Karaoke?

A: Yes. At Phantom City Studio Recording Studios in Orlando, Florida we record high
quality professional sounding karaoke cover songs.  Our certified engineers can edit your
vocals word by word. You can stop recording and continue where you left off. Copy words
or phrases from one section and paste them to another section.  Now your karaoke songs
can sound like the original artist recording.  Upon request, our friendly staff will provide
song lyrics at no additional cost during your session time.

"Amaze your friends and family with high definition, recording studio quality,
professional sounding Karaoke Cover Songs."   

Q: What is the Price to record Karaoke at Phantom City Studio?

A: Please call to inquire about studio rates.  Our hourly rate includes recording, editing,
mixing, mastering, and the cost of a professional sound engineer. Our all inclusive hourly
rate allows you to record, edit, and mix your project as much as you please during your
session time.  
"Session time" equals the amount of time you spend at the studio working
on your project.

Q: Do I have to bring my own music background?

A: No.  Phantom City Studio has a large library of up to date music backgrounds available
for your convenience at no additional cost.  Please let us know in advance what songs
you would like to use in your recording session and we will let you know if we have the
songs or if you would have to bring your own songs on a CD.  We have the ability to use
any instrumental or karaoke version that is on any website as long as you can hear it.
So if you can hear the song on a site like youtube for example, we can pull it up.

Q: Do I have to bring my own song lyrics?

A: No.  Phantom City Studio has a large library of up to date song lyrics available for your
convenience at no additional cost.  Please let us know in advance what song lyrics you
would like to use in your recording session.

Q: Can Phantom City Studio remove vocals from a song?

A: Yes.  Phantom City Studio can recreate most songs from bits and pieces of audio that
have no vocals present. Depending on the popularity of the song we might have the
version without the vocals in our extensive studio library songs.

Q: Is it OK to record someone else's song?

A: Yes, you may record someone else's song for entertainment purposes. You are
allowed to use a karaoke recording as a demo as long as you Do Not try to sell the demo

Q: Do Karaoke music discs use original artist recordings?

A: Karaoke music discs (CDGs, CDGMs, VCDs and DVDs) are recreations recorded by
independent manufacturers. The manufacturer will hire independent artists and bands to
recreate songs done in the likeness of the original artist, with the goal of sounding as
similar to the original artist as possible. Manufacturers' interpretation of like songs will
sound different throughout different manufacturers.

Q: Do some Karaoke recordings have "background singers"?

A: Yes, some songs have background singers, mainly for the chorus. These background
singers are not removable. Most songs do not have background singers.  Contact us if
you have any questions or concerns about this topic.  
Phantom City Studio Recording Studios in Orlando Florida
Phantom City Studio. Karaoke Orlando Recording Studios in Orlando Florida.
By appointment only. No walk-ins will be permitted entry.  We value the privacy of our artists.
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