Orlando Recording Studios. Phantom City Studio

  • We use the best microphones in the industry. Better microphones mean better quality.
  • Located in Orlando, Florida on a quiet, privately owned 1.3 acre lot in a safe part of town.
  • On-site 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Pro Tools Certified.
  • Close to restaurants, 24 hour fast food, hotels, tourist attractions, and banks.
  • "Session Time" allows clients to use multiple studio services for one set hourly rate.
  • Phantom City Studio is always clean, comfortable, and inviting.
  • Phantom City Studio is private, not a hang-out; sessions are private, for booked clients only.
  • Service is highly personalized, specialized, good-natured, fun, and professional.
  • Session flows are planned before the client arrives to facilitate time management.
  • Phantom City Studio is climate-controlled, comfortable, with a musically inspiring environment.
  • Our rooms have been acoustically treated for superior sound quality.
  • Our equipment is a combination of the latest technology and vintage high-end gear.
  • Phantom City Studio offers highly competitive rates, packages, and schedule flexibility.
  • Phantom City Studio can provide musicians, writers, producers,and engineering for projects.
  • Musician referrals and assistance with finding other potential band members.
  • The studio will give a solo musician’s demo the same professionalism as to large projects.
  • The studio can be a valuable resource to corporate clients by maintaining budgets, schedules.
  • Top-notch talented, friendly, professional, creative, and dependable personnel.
  • Record Instruments, Songs, Demos, Voice Overs, Karaoke, Audio Books, Albums, Music...

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All the rules have changed in the past few years for putting together a recording studio and they keep
changing.  It used to be that you needed expensive multi-track recorders and mixdown machines, a  
roomful of outboard gear and processors, and more cables than you would want to count.  Of course,
you still can make a large recording studio with tons of outboard gear, or you can let computers and
modern digital multi track machines replace hundreds of functions that used to require separate
hardware units.  We are not talking about a cheap, hissy, unprofessional sound, like we used to get with
old 4 track cassette recording studios.  Those days are gone.  With the dawn of modern recording studio
software (called sequencers), with their full-featured digital mixers built right into software, you can
expect your sound to rival the big boys.  Yes. It's true.

Since the day we opened Phantom City Studio there have been scores of gold and platinum albums cut
here in Orlando, Florida. We have an outstanding technical staff on site to ensure that sessions run
smoothly. At Phantom City Studio our goal is to make sure you have the best recording experience ever.

Our private and secluded facility will inspire any artist.  The recording studio is located near a beautiful
lake in a safe neighborhood in Orlando, Florida.

We've created custom songs for clients, couples and businesses, helped others complete their own
songs and skillfully taken direction from songwriters on how they wanted their tracks to sound with many
very happy previous and current clients.

At Phantom City Studio we create, record and mix diverse musical styles and provide a relaxing, yet
competitive atmosphere to give your music the special treatment it deserves.

Thank you for choosing Phantom City Studio Orlando  Florida Recording Studios
Phantom City Studio. Orlando Florida Recording Studios: Phantom City Studio Recording Studios in Orlando Florida
Why Phantom City Studio?  
Music is our passion!

At Phantom City Studio every artist
has a chance to be a star!

We believe studio sessions should be
fun, private, and professional.

Our Pro Tools certified engineers
operate at fast speeds without
compromising the quality of your

You will work one-on-one with some
of the most talented audio engineers
in the music industry.

Our goal is to provide the best studio
experience possible!
Thank you for choosing Phantom City Studio Recording Studio in Orlando Florida.
By appointment only. No walk-ins will be permitted entry.  We value the privacy of our artists.
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Phantom City Studio Recording Studios in Orlando, Florida
Phantom City Studio Recording Studios in Orlando Florida
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