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Welcome to the Exciting World of Pro Tools

What is Pro Tools?

Pro Tools is the world's most popular computer-based digital music production system. The combination
of Pro Tools software and related hardware delivers unprecedented recording, editing, mixing, and
mastering power.

Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation platform that integrates hardware and software, which is widely
used by professionals in music production, post production, TV and film scoring. It is made by Digidesign,
a division of Avid Technology.

As one of the first programs to provide CD-quality (16 bit and 44.1 kHz) multitrack digital audio editing on
a personal computer, Pro Tools grew quickly in the sound recording field, becoming popular because of
its streamlined interface for non-linear, non-destructive editing. This appealed to analog producers
switching to computer-based digital audio production. Digidesign received a technical Academy Award of
Merit for the development of Pro Tools in 2004.

Industry-Standard Pro Tools Software

Striking the perfect balance of simplicity, efficiency, and power, Pro Tools software is the industry-
standard platform for music and post production. Familiar to professionals around the world, Pro Tools
software provides powerful, integrated MIDI sequencing, world-class editing, professional mixing and
processing, comprehensive automation, industry-standard session exchange, and unparalleled video

Pristine Audio Quality

With unparalleled sonic quality and high-resolution capabilities, Pro Tools|HD offers maximum fidelity
throughout the production process. Featuring a true 48-bit mixing architecture that yields nearly 300 dB
of dynamic range, award-winning high-resolution audio interfaces and peripherals, and automatic delay
compensation to ensure your mix stays perfectly time-aligned and phase coherent, Pro Tools|HD delivers
uncompromising sound quality that meets the demands of even the most discerning ears.

Ultimate Mixing and Automation

From new VCA-style groups to pan grouping and plug-in parameter linking, Pro Tools HD 9 software is
loaded with indispensable new features dedicated to improving mixing workflow. New automation modes
combine advanced features previously found only on high-end consoles with the power of Pro Tools, to
deliver the most comprehensive and flexible automation system in the industry. And with additional new
functionality designed to enhance operation with ICON worksurfaces—including VCA fader spill, two-knob
surround panning, new jog wheel scrolling/zooming, and much more—Pro Tools HD 9 software provides
music and post professionals with the best mixing tools on the market.

Pro Tools plug-ins

Pro Tools plug-ins are add-on software tools that provide additional signal processing functionality to Pro
Tools® systems. There’s a Pro Tools software plug-in for almost anything you can imagine: EQ,
dynamics, reverb, sound synthesis, pitch and time shifting, noise reduction, mastering, surround
encoding, and more.

AudioSuite Plug-Ins provide File-based or non-real-time processing, meaning they process or alter the
sound file and create a new file with the processed sound. The resulting effect is applied to the entire file.

Real-Time AudioSuite (RTAS) Plug-Ins are host-based, relying on the computer's internal processing
power to do their job. Functionally, RTAS Plug-Ins offer many of the real-time benefits of TDM Plug-ins.
Their parameters can change in real-time, they are fully automatable, and their effects are not
permanently written to the audio file.

Why Should I Use Pro Tools?

Award-winning producers and artists have relied on Pro Tools to create thousands of hit albums and
soundtracks. With the popularity of DVD’s, video games, and surround sound, and advances in high
definition video and audio, the industry is seeing vast new interest in digital audio technologies. Today’s
home studio is capable of putting out finished audio tracks of professional quality. Pro Tools is the most
widely used Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in the world. It is used on more music recordings and audio
post production projects than any other system in existence.

Pro Tools has set the standard in the professional music, broadcast, multimedia and film industries where
sound recording and production are now typically carried out entirely in the digital domain.
Phantom City Studio. Orlando, Fl. Recording Studios in Orlando Florida.
Pro Tools Screen Shot
Pro Tools Screen Shot
Phantom City Studio. Orlando, Fl. Recording Studios in Orlando Florida.
Phantom City Studio in Orlando, Fl
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